How it works

Nowadays all your steps on the Internet are tracked and stored by software giants like Google or Facebook, to show you personalized advertising. With our plugin we want to redistribute some of the profit of this market to charity and eco-friendly projects.



We only store tracking information about the websites you visit and not about you. We do not read your browsing history, we do not store your exact location or name, and we do not share information from your user profile. All data is always completely anonymous.


CO2 Compensation

The profits of our organisation are fully used for C02 compensation. This means that with your help we will plant trees and invest in renewable technologies.


How we earn money

We evaluate the anonymously collected data and make it available to marketing agencies for a fee. The agencies can use the data to help their customers to adapt their websites more precisely to their customers.

Our latest Compensation Projects

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What people think about us

A simple way how everyone can and should contribute.

- Lara Meier neo factory

Thats how i do something for the climate everyday.

- Nicolas Lemmer Eco-Friend

It's so easy! I look at my score all the time.

- Nathalie Labour Student